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Note: I wrote this site about my personal experiences with the amazing products from Wise Foods. My comprehensive review contains information about the various product lines available.

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Solution: You will be surprised at the quality of these remarkable foods. I started with a couple of samples from the Wise Food Storage site before my first purchase.

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So Why Did I Write This Wise Food Storage Review?

Too many people are suffering needlessly whenever nature decides to demonstrate her power. Even extended periods without power will present problems for those who must eat at regular intervals for health reasons.

A supply of Wise Foods is the best choice to prepare for the inevitable challenges that life can impose.

Countless types of disasters pose threats to the area surrounding all of our homes. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes are common events that wreak havoc on entire localities. You might decide to evacuate in which case you can take your emergency foods along with you.

In other cases, you will shelter in place and have limited access to the comforts of life.

Emergency preparedness has become essential for every family since large evacuations create problems for other communities in the surrounding area. Everything you need to be prepared for any disaster is available through the Wise Food Storage website. Any quantity of emergency food can be ordered from the website for quick shipment to your home.

Other people use Wise Foods entrees and breakfast foods for outdoor activities where conventional food is unsuited for the situation.

Not having to worry about weight or perishable foods is the reason so many outdoor enthusiasts order from Wise Food Storage at the beginning of each camping, hunting and hiking season. Long-lasting dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are the perfect solution for all your adventures.

Why Choose Wise Foods?

High-quality ingredients are used to make entrees, such as hearty tortilla soup, chicken-flavored noodle soup, cheesy lasagna and strawberry granola crunch. All of these foods are made in the U.S.A. under the tightest possible controls. Every serving is sealed in a pouch that prevents air and moisture from penetrating the nitrogen-rich interior. With proper storage, the food items will retain the fresh taste for decades.

Preparation of each serving is simple and convenient regardless of your location. You can choose from freeze-dried meats, vegetables or fruit, or maybe gluten-free meals are more to your liking. Dairy products including powdered eggs and whey milk are also available.

Your creative use of these convenient foods will allow you to provide healthy nutrition for your family in any circumstance.

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One Week Supply

Sustaining your family’s health during a crisis is the primary objective at Wise Food Storage. Every product is designed to last for years and provide substantial nutrition whenever you need it.

When you think of storing food that can last many years, do you have images of dried grains and lentils?

If you are like me, the thought of having to grind wheat into flour on a curved stone is pure torture. Soaking dried beans in water and cooking them on an open flame is not much more appealing. Maybe at some point in the past, these actions would have been necessary.

Fortunately, in the 21st century, you and I have access to the amazing products from Wise Food Storage. The entire line of dehydrated foods can be reconstituted with water.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to add hot water to a packet of food and be ready to enjoy great-tasting meals.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to find out that water is added directly to the Mylar pouch and resealed until 12 minutes have passed. No matter where your adventures take you, you can eat hearty meals that will satisfy.

Amazing 25-Year Shelf Life!

Unlike standard food stores, your Wise Company Ready-Made breakfasts and entrees never have to be rotated or replaced. You will never have to worry about opening a packet that has expired. Ready-made foods can be stored in a cool, dry place for nearly a quarter of a century.

Even the outdoor meals have a 7-year shelf life. Your purchase will last until you have taken enough hunting, backpacking and camping trips to use every last packet.

Emergency Food Supply

You might prefer freeze-dried:

•   Fruits with a shelf-life of 20 years;

•   Meats with a 15-year shelf life;

•   Vegetable packs with a 25-year shelf life.

Great Taste is the Sign of High Quality Food!

Wise Company has created a gourmet line of foods, which includes tasty entrees such as Pasta Alfredo, Cheesy Lasagna and Hearty Tortilla Soup. All of the foods from Wise Food Storage are packed in airtight, nitrogen-flushed Mylar pouches.

In these sealed pouches, every serving is easily carried wherever you go. These pouches arrive stacked in durable plastic containers that can be stored away for years.

You will not have to open an entire container, but just enough pouches for your family to eat each day.

Convenient and Affordable Emergency Food

The average cost of feeding your family adds up to thousands of dollars every year. Your emergency food supply will not cut into your budget since the shelf life exceeds 25 years.

Once you make a purchase, you will have a supply of safe emergency food whenever you need it! Ready-made entrees from Wise Company cost an average of $1.60 per serving.

Storing your own emergency food supply is wise since you might not have access to your normal food sources following an area-wide incident.

In addition, there is no need to replace your emergency food with higher-priced food every few years.

Imagine the savings because you chose to purchase an emergency food supply from Wise Food Storage!

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Freeze Dried Fruits

No one has ever accused Wise Food Storage of competing with the standard Army-issue MRE, which stands for meals ready to eat. High-quality, freeze dried foods from Wise Foods are nutritious and filling.

People purchase these products to prepare for emergencies, for camping and hunting trips and even to use as a quick meal when other options are unavailable.

Freeze-dried meats, vegetables and fruits are available for those times when your family requires daily nutrition.

Your creative use of these staple foods will ensure that you are able to provide good food wherever your family needs to eat.

Freeze-dried items from Wise Foods can be prepared by simply adding water, which can be any temperature. Hot water will rehydrate the packet contents more quickly, but any temperature will do.

Each serving is packaged separately and can be purchased in amounts ranging from 60 servings to 1,080 servings of freeze-dried veggies, fruits or meats.

Maybe you would prefer to have dairy products, such as powdered eggs or whey milk, available for your family. Wise Company has an entire line of these dairy foods that can be used to supplement your emergency food supply.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have when you visit the Wise Food Storage website and select the best combination of emergency food and supplies for your family.

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In the wake of catastrophic events, people realize the ways they could have been better prepared with emergency supplies from Wise Food Storage.

Before those disasters strike, we all need to consider the threats in the immediate area!

At times, your family must shelter in place because the roads that would lead you away from your home have been severely damaged.

What emergency supplies would you need to have on hand to sustain your family for an entire week?

Wise Food Storage entrees are specially designed to have a shelf-life of 25 years or more. Your emergency food supply never requires additional attention after you store the container in a safe place.
Emergency Preparedness

In addition, Wise Company offers survival kits and basic emergency supplies that ensure your family has the most important tools for your situation. All of the implements you need to care for your family are available on the official Wise Food Storage website.

An extensive selection of freeze dried foods is available along with water storage containers, water filters, portable stoves and heirloom seeds.

You have the option to mix and match individual items or purchase entire kits, which are designed to simplify your shopping experience.

Everything you need to survive an area-wide disaster is available from one website. Your emergency preparedness plans can be addressed today!

Ensure that your family can survive without outside assistance for THREE full days.

Wise Food Storage has all of the essentials.  You will rest easy once you visit the website and buy everything you need!

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Exploring in the mountains, desert or great white north is easier when you can fill your backpack with lightweight survival food. Wise Foods has great-tasting entrees designed for easy preparation wherever your outdoor ventures take you.

Long-distance hikes to distant campsites or hunting grounds should never cause concern about the amount of food you can carry.

Dehydrated meals and snacks are available for people who want to load up a backpack for a few days away from civilization.

Imagine setting up camp, heating some water and serving a delicious meal of chili macaroni with beef, or maybe even cheesy lasagna. These are just two of the entrees in the vast selection available from Wise Foods.

Every entrée is sealed in a unique pouch, which is designed to protect the contents from light, air and moisture. Whatever you do not eat on this trip can be taken on your subsequent trips. Nothing will be wasted!

You might be in a rush to order because your trip is fast approaching. Just visit the site, and order one of the 72-hour food kits. This kit includes emergency candles, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, duct tape, an emergency sleeping bag, a first aid kit, a shovel and playing cards.

You will be living in the lap of luxury from the moment you set up camp.

Wise Food Storage Car Kit

Wise Food Storage also has the ultimate auto survival kit, which includes an emergency blanket, first aid kit, jumper cables, hand-crank flashlight and a towrope.

You can send off that young driver completely prepared the very first time he ventures off without the family.

Your outdoor activities have never been easier than when you visit the Wise Food Storage website and select the items that suit your needs.

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This section offers my thoughts about determining how much emergency food you would want to order from Wise Food Storage.  Everyone has a different situation because of the family members and threats in the area.  Careful calculation of your needs will ensure that you have enough food should the need arise.

In the wake of natural disasters, the entire area surrounding your home might be devastated. Your plans to shelter in place would be supported with enough food and fresh water for a few days. Any emergency, including extended power outages can be addressed when you take emergency preparedness seriously. Damage to your traditional food supply can be addressed when you have ready-made, long-term food items from Wise Foods stored away safely.

A wide variety of freeze-dried entrees, dehydrated vegetables and powdered dairy products would sustain your family in the midst of extreme conditions. With a shelf-life of 25 years, these products can be stored in a cool place without the need to rotate your emergency food supply. Careful packaging ensures that the contents are protected from air and moisture.

You might wonder how much food you would have to have on hand to feed your entire family for 3-10 days. Emergency food supplies can be calculated when you visit the Wise Food Storage website through the link at the end of this section. Use the food-storage calculator on the website to determine the right quantity of survival foods you want to have on hand. Your health can be sustained when you eat regularly from the healthy foods in your emergency supply kit.

Everyone over the age of 10 is considered an adult when calculating the amount of emergency food you will want to have available. The food-storage calculator allows you to decide whether each person will eat twice or three times each day. The final recommendation will be based on what you consider appropriate for your family.

Your purchase from Wise Food Storage will be delivered to your home in easy-to-store containers that protect the food inside from light, air and moisture. These containers will be ready for use whenever you need an emergency food supply.

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Emergency Food Pack

Thank you for reading all the way through until you reached this final section of my Wise Food Storage review. In recent years, I have witnessed two massive wildfires in our immediate area. Nearly 1,000 homes were lost and people were sent fleeing for their lives. Having a supply of Wise Foods would have saved a lot of people the frustration of having to stay in shelters and visit food pantries.

Too many times we believe that nothing will ever happen to our homes or towns.

Anywhere you live, something can happen to interrupt your normal routine of food shopping and preparation. I would encourage you to consider the ways you could care for your family if you could simply reach for your emergency food supply. You would not have to leave the house. For a number of days, the weather could rage outside while you are safe and well-fed.

Wise Food Storage offers everything you would need to care for your family during an extended power outage, severe storm or flooding that cuts off your route out of the area. There are countless reasons to provide some food insurance for your family. Everything you need to complete your emergency preparedness plan is offered in one place.

I only write reviews for the products that I have purchased and use in my home. Wise Food Storage prepares all of these foods in the U.S.A. under the strictest quality standards. Trust them to provide the best freeze-dried and dehydrated foods available.

Save time and frustration when you visit the Wise Food Storage website through the link below. Select the products that you need and make your purchase. Nothing could be easier.

I can recommend Wise Food Storage as the premier provider of emergency foods.

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